Production Details

Some people asked what I this is for Comfortably Numb (and most of it is the same for "Time":
Vocals: Me (Bo Johansson) and Andreas Johansson (the really good parts)
Everything else (playing, arranging etc... is made by me/Bo Johansson with valuable input from Andreas.
Daw: Presonus Studio One 2 Pro
Electric Guitars: Mostly a Stratocaster and sometimes an Ibanez Roadstar II (both lined via Amplitube)
Acoustic guitar: A Shiro, (Nashville tuning)
Drums Programmed using Rayzoon's Jamstix
Bass: Manytone, played on a keyboard
Orchestration: Arranged and played using Eastwest's Symphonic orchestra, silver version (please give me a lot of money so I can upgrade ;)
Other sounds/instruments: Alchemy, Truepiano, Elastic, Kontakt retro organs

Blue Bluebird
Blue Encore
Golden Age MK II Ribbon
Thomann small condensers (stereo pair)
FMR Audio RNC and FRM Audio RNLA
Golden Age pre73 and M-audio DMP3

And probably some other stuff I can't remember right now.

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